The Founder

Shreena Shah handles sinful Temptations. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter and the owner of several enterprises, being a mom-preneur. Society, school, and surroundings instilled in her from an early age that success entailed getting high grades, having a decent job, buying a home, and adhering to the status quo.

She had spent a few years in the corporate world, but she knew she wanted to do something unique. She believed she wasn’t born for a 9-to-5 career. She constantly desired to be her own boss to have tight freedom over her time and finances, so she became an entrepreneur.

She had always loved baking and experimenting with new delicacies since she was a teenager. When she was looking for something different to do a few years ago, she realized that nothing could be better than pursuing her own passion for baking and making delicacies. That’s when Shreena’s Sinful Temptations was founded. Sinful Temptations was born when family and friends appreciated her homemade fusion treats that she put together for a tasting session.

Nothing makes her happier than envisioning a flavor and design for an item and then bringing it to life. She believes that she wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without challenges. She sees challenges as opportunities to stretch her creative muscles. Our Brand unites the client’s vision with our expertise to create mouthwatering delicacies. By merging traditional Indian sweets with classic western desserts, It preserves traditional Indian sweets and keeps them alive in the minds of millennials.