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  • Banaras Paan

    Dark chocolate with all the paan masala (betel leaves, fennel seeds, rose preserve, and more) filling, leaving you to feel refreshed. $15.00$30.00
  • Chili Chocolate

    The chili chocolate truffle is a rich and decadent treat crafted from a luscious blend of dark chocolate infused with a touch of fiery chili oil. $18.00$30.00
  • Choco Orange Millet Granola Mix

    Choco Orange Millet Granola Mix is a delightful fusion of flavors that takes your taste buds on a chocolate-orange adventure. $7.00$25.00
  • Cranberry Pistachio

    Enjoy the perfect flavor combination of Cranberry Pistachio. $18.00$30.00
  • Granola Sampler Pack

    Choose 4 flavors of 100g each. $25.00
  • Granola Tropical Zest Crunch

    Granola Tropical Zest Crunch, is a vibrant and invigorating blend that brings the essence of the tropics to your breakfast bowl. $7.00$25.00
  • Kesariya Badam

    Kesariya Badam truffle is a luxurious confection that harmonizes the creamy allure of white chocolate with the rich crunch of almonds, all enhanced by the intoxicating aroma and vibrant hue of saffron. $18.00$30.00
  • Mango Kulfi

    A favorite kulfi flavor, loved by most. White creamy chocolate with mango and nuts and kulfi milk. $15.00$30.00
  • Masala Chai

    Dark chocolate and intensely fragrant from the sharp notes of warm spices and chai. It is a perfect bite to end your meal. $15.00$30.00
  • Millet Berry Crunch Granola

    Millet Berry Crunch Granola is a delightful and wholesome blend that combines the goodness of almonds with a burst of berry goodness. $7.00$25.00
  • Nutty Bites Berry Nut Festival

    Nutty Bites Berry Nut Festival, is a jubilant celebration of flavors that takes your taste buds on a delightful journey. $15.00$30.00
  • Nutty Bites Citrus Cashew Crush

    Indulge in the invigorating citrus twist while enjoying the goodness of premium nuts, making Nutty Bites Citrus Cashew Crush an ideal choice for those seeking both taste and nourishment in one satisfying package. $15.00$30.00