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  • Pista Rose Chocolate

    It is an all-time favorite combination for many, with pistachio and rose in chocolate form. $15.00$30.00
  • Rajbhog Paan Bites

    All the goodness of paan with Rajbhog flavor. $18.00$30.00
  • Rasmalai

    Luscious is white chocolate-based with ras malai milk and loads of dry fruits. $15.00$30.00
  • Rasmalai

    Fusion flavored biscotti with loads of nuts and flavored with rasmalai milk. Quantity: 200g (Approx 15 pieces) $12.00
  • Rose & Fennel

    Rose & Fennel truffle is a delicate delight composed of smooth white chocolate adorned with the aromatic essence of fennel and the subtle sweetness of gulkand. $18.00$30.00
  • Rose Pistachio

    A combination loved by most, pistachio sponge with rose glaze. Size: 6 inch $30.00
  • Rose Pistachio

    Fusion flavored with pistachio and rose. Quantity: 200g (Approx 15 pieces) $12.00
  • Thandai Paan Bites

    All the goodness of paan with homemade thandai. $18.00$30.00
  • Thandai Truffles

    Thandai truffles are a delightful and unique sweet treat that combines the rich flavors of thandai with the smooth creaminess of chocolate truffles. $18.00$30.00
  • Tiramisu

    It is a mix of white and dark chocolate with a taste of espresso and mascarpone cheese. It tastes like a slice of tiramisu. $15.00$30.00
  • White Chocolate Pistachio

    This creamy, sweet white chocolate truffle will take you to higher places. $18.00$30.00
  • Your Heading

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